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Hands On Experience with a Wide
Variety of Materials & Processes

Asian Resource Group has managed a wide variety of manufacturing and production projects for globally recognized companies.  Our portfolio includes a wealth of hands-on experience with many types of raw materials and finishing processes.

Just like cooking, a good product starts with good ingredients, so working with a partner that understands raw materials and process is critical to ensuring the end product meets your expectations.

Plastics and Metals:

Our past client projects include managing a wide array of sub suppliers and processes including:

  • Injection molding of plastics

  • Class A surface finishes (high end surface texturing or finish requirements)

  • Double Injection and Waterproof Enclosures

  • Extruded and progressive die formed aluminum

  • Anodizing of custom colors

  • Sandblasting and polishing

  • Laser engraving & etching

  • Steel and aluminum packaging

  • Precision die cut EVA foams

  • Painting and electroplate

  • Prototype molds, CNC and 3D printing

  • Blowmolding & Thermoforming

Electronic Design & Manufacturing

Asian Resource Group has worked on dozens of projects involving electronics design and manufacturing.  With past projects ranging from consumer electronic devices to OEM automotive modules we understand what it takes to manufacture electronics.

  • Electronic hardware design, ranging from the most basic (electronic toys) to complex automotive modules (8+ layer boards with strict EMC requirements)

  • Mechanical design of plastic and metal parts

  • Creation of validation test flows and management of 3rd party lab testing

  • Design for legal compliance with N.A. / E.U. regulations for safe operation & use of non restricted materials

  • EMS manufacturing (build to print)

  • Short run / prototyping of PCBAs

  • 3D X-Ray and Defect Analysis

Packaging & Sales Collateral

Asian Resource Group has designed and produced a broad array of packaging and sales collateral, ranging from warehouse club bulk format to limited edition, premium packaging for high end retail.

  • 4 Color process printing with spot colors, foils, varnish and other secondary finishes

  • Emboss / Deboss

  • Aqueous coating & lamination

  • Precision die cutting

  • Flocking

  • Half & Full Clamshell packaging

  • Blisterpack

  • Unitized master pack & pallet pack planning

  • Technical illustration & copy writing

  • Translation & multi-language instruction sheets

  • Product "how to" operation videos

  • Product photography

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