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Brand Strategy

Brand Development &
Private Labeling

Taking Ideas From Sketch to SKU

Asian Resource has over 17 years of experience in helping clients to development their own privately branded products. 

Whether your project calls for  customizing an existing product with your own unique packaging, instructions and point of sale, or creating an entirely new product, we have a proven track record of helping international clients to achieve their goals.

Asian Resource Group has extensive experience in the areas electronic development, industrial design, software coding, injection tooling and mass manufacturing.

All of these factors have made Asian Resource Group the partner of choice by dozens of well known companies.

Counsel & Advice

Business Development Consulting

10th Man Analysis

Asian Resource Group has a long track record of helping private and public companies alike to analyze business plans and identify potential weaknesses, ultimately resulting in a more robust chance of success. Having an outsider ask the questions which internal staff might find uncomfortable to bring up is a healthy exercise that ultimately can improve execution in the marketplace.  Whether you need help assessing the real size of a given market, deciding how to position your product against key competitors or determining whether or not contracts you are putting in place with suppliers or customer sufficiently cover your position, Asian Resource Group can help.

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Build to Print, Managed Manufacturing

Don't Leave Quality to Chance.

Over the last two decades, Asian Resource Group has cultivated a wealth of experience in manufacturing localization projects. 

Working with a partner that understands what is required for the safe transfer of IP and manufacturing processes is critical when choosing an outsource manufacturing facility.

Asian Resource Group has a clear, experience based understanding of the cultural challenges when localizing projects to greater China.

Beyond the obvious need to protect your intellectual property, finding the right manufacturing partner is critical. 

Third party inspections are a stop-gap measure.  To ensure success, you need to choose a manufacturing partner that already has a strong culture of quality in place. 

After all, you can exhaust yourself policing bad production methods, but you cannot force another company to change their ingrained working culture.

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